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Mary Grondahl Beiningen (Molly)
Music Development Specialist
15080  S. E. Laurie Avenue
Milwaukie, OR  97267-2536
Phone & fax: (503) 659-1343

Just as all children are born with the potential to learn to speak and understand their native language, all children are born with the potential to learn to "speak" and understand their native music.

This means that all children can learn to sing in tune and keep a beat with some kind of body movement such as tapping, clapping, or walking. These milestones can usually be achieved by age six or seven, if not earlier."

Music and Your Child
Guilmartin & Levinowitz

The following books are available for parents to read in the studio while they are waiting for their older children. We're currently experimenting with a checkout system where families enrolled can sign up to borrow a book for a while. Our area libraries will also search out books for you, as will my favorite independent bookstores, Annie Bloom's Books in Multnomah Village (,  and Powell's, (