Here are some websites that I have found interesting.  Let me know of others you find that families might find of value, and I'll try to add some variety.  Thanks!                  mgb
Information about Music Together® programs, locations, and products
Information about Musikgarten® programs, locations, and products
I have loved this man!  The "Families" section has helpful categories  dealing with children's issues.
Effects of musical behaviors on brain function, wellness--interesting research articles. Sign up for a weekly newsletter from an area Montessori educator with helpful hints for dealing with children.
Scientific research institute that pioneered the groundbreaking research of exploring relationships among music, reasoning and the brain.
This Seattle dealer has a wealth of instruments and resources for    music and movement.
A full-service source of instruments, books, recordings, and props.

                                                                                        Carus publishes Babybug, Ladybug, Cricket, and other dandy magazines for children up through teenage years.  Spendy, but a good value.

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